Attracted by the climate, Mediterranean lifestyle and Gibraltar’s leading international financial centre, individuals seeking to establish residency in Gibraltar can enjoy a unique set of advantages.

Over the past three years, the Government, regulator and private sector in Gibraltar have invested heavily in innovation, creating an entire ecosystem around blockchain and attracting numerous tech start-ups seeking to establish their companies here. These businesses are drawn to Gibraltar because of the legal, regulatory and taxation certainty the jurisdiction offers in general.

We offer dedicated residency services that caters for our private clients’ needs, including practical concierge, administration and facilities management services, ensuring a smooth relocation with the minimum possible disruption to our clients and their families. We also manage the application for Gibraltar Category 2 and HEPSS residency statuses and the annual preparation of taxes return for submission to the tax authorities.

The services we offer cover:

Business solutions
  • Administer tax efficient structures
  • Assist with the application for Cat 2 status
  • Assist with the preparation of the tax return
Banking & Reporting
  • Management of bank accounts
  • Bookkeeping
  • Investment monitoring and reporting
  • Administer wealth reports
Property sourcing
  • Practical concierge
  • Administration and facilities management

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