Mari is responsible for providing assistance and secretarial support to David Cuby. 
Professional background

Mari joined Finsbury Trust in 2001 as personal assistant to the Chairman, David Cuby, and has maintained this position since. Her responsibilities consist of providing corporate assistance, secretarial support, and attending to clients in David's absence. Mari brings to Finsbury Trust her many years of experience working in similar positions in Jersey, Greece and Australia. Mari is married with adult children and volunteers her free time to managing, together with her co-founders, RifCom - a charity which assists the impoverished communities of the Rif Mountains of Northern Morocco.

On a day off you can catch Mari

Travelling to Morocco to drive a RifCom charitable project or event.

Three words to describe Mari

Dedicated, loyal and adventurous.


Don’t let life dictate! If you believe, you can achieve!