Benjamin takes part in the policymaking and oversight of Finsbury.
Professional background

Since a young age Benjamin has considered himself a member of the Firm. Visiting his father and staff and absorbing the nature of the business. As soon as he was old enough to hold a pen he was working in the firm during school breaks, performing junior administrative tasks and learning the ropes. In 2000 Benjamin left Gibraltar for University in UK. His interest in people, the human brain and behaviour led him into the field of psychology. By 2003 Benjamin had moved to London to continue with Post Graduate studies. He obtained a Master of Science and Advanced Diploma and worked for several of years within medical and humanitarian settings, between London and Israel. Benjamin returned to Gibraltar in 2011 and joined Finsbury as a member of the Corporate Department.

Benjamin really enjoys his commercial life and continues to combine this with his clinical work. In 2015, he assumed an Executive role primarily focusing on client relations. He manages and develops the firm’s portfolio of high net worth clients who hold Corporate and Trust structures that are also tax resident in Gibraltar. Alongside this significant area of business, Benjamin is active in the sourcing and management of acquisitions for clients with property holding structures both locally and abroad. Benjamin was appointed as Director in 2018 and further appointed to the role of COO in 2020. 

On a day off you can catch Benjamin

Surfing, running on the beach - even in the winter, or climbing the Mediterranean steps on the Rock of Gibraltar.

Three words to describe Benjamin

Fair, eclectic and dynamic.


"Prefiero Morir de pie A vivir arrodillado” - Ernesto Che Guevara
(I prefer to die standing than to live kneeling)