We work with a range of technology and innovation companies, including FinTech, internet, software, e-business and gaming. Working at the pace demanded by businesses today, we are known for our innovative approach. We help technology clients create new products and vehicles and find unique solutions that suit their business needs. Our technology services extend to the realms of tax and financial advisory, payroll services, audit and assistance with license applications to help technology companies of all sizes thrive in the digital world.

DLT Regulation – Gibraltar’s ground-breaking approach

In its continued commitment as a modern international finance center, Gibraltar is fast becoming a leading fintech jurisdiction. In January 2018, Gibraltar was the first jurisdiction globally to introduce a purpose-built regulatory framework for Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) businesses that store or transmit value belonging to others over the blockchain.

Gibraltar adopted the view that blockchain business models cannot be squeezed in to existing regulation. To this end Gibraltar introduced a flexible principle-based, outcome-focused regulatory regime, presenting a new class of financial services license, uniquely designed for blockchain-related businesses, or DLT service providers.

The DLT regulations, based on 9 core principles, mark a progressive milestone for blockchain companies and represent a turning point for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. Gibraltar’s regulatory regime is designed to offer confidence to users, ensuring Gibraltar is a safe and attractive place to do business. Gibraltar is servicing companies that seek to be regulated and thereby signal to the market a differentiated level of quality and credibility.

For more information and details on how these principles are to be applied, see the GFSC website or click here

For a full copy of the DLT Regulations click here

Gibraltar – A safe home for compliant ICOs

Following the rollout of DLT regulation, the Government of Gibraltar, together with the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission announced plans to bring token sale activity within the regulatory scope, releasing a first Policy Document on Token Regulation in February 2018. Token Regulation proposals cover the regulation of token sales, secondary token market platforms and investment services relating to tokens. With the introduction of this regulation, Gibraltar will offer a fully-regulated market for token sales, ICOs and other crypto and blockchain-based operators looking to raise capital.

Finsbury Trust - Your gateway to Gibraltar's blockchain hub  

Finsbury Trust is positioned at the forefront of the innovation in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We support blockchain businesses and investment funds in providing them with the comprehensive structuring, infrastructure, business services, administration and governance required to establish and flourish in the new regulated marketplace.

Our dedicated team offer a full range of services to companies seeking to establish their blockchain related business in Gibraltar, as well as to investors and managers looking to launch regulated Crypto Funds. 

We serve as the key local partner to blockchain and ICO businesses, assisting the businesses to establish themselves in Gibraltar and provide support to ensure they are regulated and positioned to excel. Our service offering is uniquely designed to cater to the needs of blockchain companies, including provision of local support and business services from dedicated teams on the ground. We work with established blockchain companies and foundations, as well as with startups and businesses planning to undertake ICOs.

The services we offer cover:

and presence
  • Customised office solutions
  • Registered office
  • Shareholder & board meetings
  • Coordination of service providers
  • Conference & meeting rooms
  • Central secure storage
  • Dedicated phone lines
  • Disaster recovery services
and planning
  • Formulate governance & board plan
  • Execution of structuring
  • Licensed personal & corporate directors
  • Local authorised signatories
  • Local contract review & execution
  • Identify & recruit service providers
  • Business plan formulation
  • Budgeting & cash flow planning & financial modelling
  • Liaison with tax & other advisors
Regulatory support
  • Project management
  • DLT service provider class license application management
  • Liaison with regulator and address regulator queries
  • Drafting license application
  • Operating policies & procedures
  • Addressing regulator queries
Corporate services
  • Multi-jurisdictional structuring
  • Company formation & registration
  • Provision of standard docs
  • Maintain statutory books & records
  • Company secretary
  • Shareholder services
  • Orchestrate professional advice
  • Investor AML/KYC
  • General corporate administration
Banking and accounting services
  • Identify suitable banking partners
  • Manage account applications
  • Compliance onboarding
  • Manage banking relationships
  • Execute payments
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Bookkeeping & financial reporting
  • Tax returns
  • Manage audit
  • Risk & liquidity
Other advisory service
  • Tax compliance & liaison with tax advisors
  • Employment registration services
  • Payroll services
  • Private capital & borrowing support
  • Investor due diligence
  • Relocation of staff to Gibraltar
  • Arranging executive and residency status for staff
  • Insurance
  • Concierge services
  • Facilities management
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"Becoming a licensed Distributed Ledger Technology operator in Gibraltar requires expertise, innovative thinking and an attention to detail. Finsbury Trust continues to provide us with all of this and much more. Benjy, Odile and the entire diligent staff of Finsbury Trust expertly address the business issues at hand and continue to help us navigate through Gibraltar’s corporate, banking and regulatory environment in a most effective manner. Every step along the way was attended to promptly and professionally. Finsbury is the best trusted gateway to corporate Gibraltar we could hope for."
Alon Muroch,
CEO, Coindash Limited

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