Our team of experts are experienced in administering various types of structures for sporting and entertainment related clients that include international athletes, agents, entertainers and clubs.

We have forged a hard-earned reputation for providing a highly responsive personal service, backed by an uncompromising attention to detail and client confidentiality. We work closely with our client’s own accountants, bankers, legal and tax advisors to provide a best of breed service level uniquely designed to address each client’s needs. We help to maximizes clients’ wealth potential by cultivating new business opportunities and addressing their structuring and administrative needs, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

The services we offer cover:

Asset management
  • Working with the legal representatives, associates and clubs in respect of the transfers of players
Multi-formation of operational companies
  • Our international outreach enables us to incorporate bespoke companies in multi-jurisdictions
  • Apply for business licenses for resident directors
Consultancy services and invoicing
  • Reviewing contracts, preparing invoices and payment schedules
tax and administration via agents for DTT
  • Obtaining tax residency certificates and tax forms signed by the fiscal authorities in the jurisdiction in question
Banking administration
  • Opening and managing bank accounts
Budgeting and cash flow planning
  • Monitoring receipts of payments
  • Ensuring sufficient cash flows to meet entities working capital

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