As a mature and sophisticated self-governing British overseas territory, Gibraltar benefits from its own Parliament, unique legal tax system and effective regulatory environment.

Gibraltar boasts a robust and diversified economy and has emerged as a leading international financial centre in Europe. The principle contributing sectors to the Gibraltar economy are financial services, remote gaming and tourism. Gibraltar also operates the third busiest ship bunkering port in Europe, as well as having a state-of-the-art cruise terminal and facilities that host super yachts and luxury pleasure boats, providing the gamut of regulated and professional marine services.

Gibraltar’s long-standing focus on regulatory compliance, transparency and corporate governance has successfully differentiated the jurisdiction from other international financial centres. Gibraltar continues to develop and adopt progressive and innovative legislation to drive continued growth as a premier international financial services centre.

Gibraltar at a glance

  • A 7km2 peninsular, strategically located at the western entrance to the Mediterranean and serving as a key military base for centuries
  • British overseas dependent territory since 1713
  • Population of 34,000 and visited by about 8 million people per year
  • Distinct self-governing jurisdiction with own parliament responsible for running all aspects, including taxation; UK's remit limited to defence and foreign policy
  • Own constitution and legal system based on English common and statute law, locally drafted law and transposed European Directives
  • Professionally trained and multilingual workforce
  • Diversified industry base including financial services, tourism, ship bunkering and online gaming
  • Government is highly supportive of financial services sector and has helped make Gibraltar one of the leading financial centres in Europe
  • High quality of life for expatriates, including good international air connections, Mediterranean climate, wide variety of sporting, cultural and entertainment facilities in Gibraltar and close vicinity
  • Central European time zone and within easy reach of Europe and international commercial centres

Jurisdictional highlights

  • Political and economic stability
  • Bilingual English and Spanish
  • Onshore finance centre with signed TEIAs and White Listed by OECD; FATF and IMF reviewed
  • At forefront of financial services regulation – regulated to EU and UK standards through a sensible and pragmatic approach
  • Fully compliant with EU directives, including AIFMD, MiFID, Parent Subsidiary Directive and Interest & Royalties Directive
  • GBP currency and outside Eurozone with no exchange controls
  • No Government debt leverage or domestic banking issues
  • Common law legal system
  • Complete professional legal, accounting and administration services
  • Attractive cost base compared to other jurisdictions
  • Specific laws to protect assets settled in trusts

Taxation highlights

  • Corporate tax rate of 10% on income accrued and derived in Gibraltar
  • Gibraltar has no estate duty, capital gains tax, wealth tax, gift tax, inheritance tax or VAT (sales tax)
  • No withholding taxes on dividends, interest or royalties
  • Most investment income is tax free – no tax on interest from bank deposits, traded bonds or dividend income
  • Inter-company interest and royalties taxed at 10%
  • Investment funds are generally tax neutral
  • Tax planning opportunities for investment funds, individuals, corporations and trusts
  • Zero taxation for non-resident trusts
  • Concessionary tax rates for individuals becoming residents
  • No stamp duty, except for Gibraltar property purchases
  • Nominal capital tax on creation of authorised share capital and on loan capital and none payable on the issue of share capital
  • US FATCA, UK FATCA, Common Reporting Standard

Other jurisdictions

Whilst we operate from Gibraltar, we partner with a global network of professionals to provide multi-jurisdictional expertise to our international clients. The leading jurisdictions our clients operate companies comprise of:

  • British Virgin Islands
  • United States of America 
  • England and Wales
  • Malta 
  • Luxembourg
  • Isle of Man
  • Germany
  • Guernsey
  • Cayman Islands
  • Cyprus