Finsbury Trust Represented in the Pride of Gibraltar Awards Image

Finsbury Trust Represented in the Pride of Gibraltar Awards

30 August 2021

In celebration of the efforts made by the community in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Christian Santos, the Mayor of Gibraltar, held a gala ceremony at the John Mackintosh Hall on Thursday, 26th August, recognizing the various ways members of the population in Gibraltar lent their support. This was organised in collaboration with Gibraltar International Bank and formed part of the larger ‘We are One Campaign.’

Finsbury Trust is pleased to have been recognized during the ceremony which saw a gathering, broadcasted live by the GBC, of those who put aside their own time to provide needed help to the rest of the community, many going beyond their workplace commitments. Our “111 km Challenge for the GHA” earlier in the year involved a collective effort to walk, cycle and run a total of 111 kilometres during the lockdown. Having tallied more than 300 km above the set target and raised almost £3,000 from sponsorships and personal donations to help support the Gibraltar Health Authority during these testing times, we are happy to have our efforts recognized.

We would like to particularly make mention of Rachel Alecio and William Cid de la Paz, the Finsbury staff's top fundraisers, who attended the event in person through the invitations received by us. It was confirmed to have been a “very emotional and humbling evening,” remembering how professionals, private individuals, organisations and the Gibraltar and UK governments came together to help the vulnerable, exposed, and elderly members of our community. Echoing Rachel’s words, we were “not surprised at the numbers that helped, but rather at the numbers that were helped.” Finsbury Trust is proud for and grateful to all those that offered their support as well as to the GHA.


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